Afolabi Dollars | The Emergence of New Beginning
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The Emergence of New Beginning

The Emergence of New Beginning

Before the emergence of a new beginning or new creation, there’s always THE DARKNESS!

In the beginning of beginnings, the darkness was upon the earth, and through the Holy Spirit of God, Light sprung up and a new creation began!

Again, Christ was on the cross, the darkness was upon the earth from the 6th hour to the 9th hour(12noon to 3pm), and through the Holy Spirit of God, Light came and a new creation was birthed!

Finally in these end times, the darkness is covering the earth and even gross darkness is covering the people, and it’s still through the Holy Spirit that light will come and a new order would be birthed!

Church, we need the Holy Spirit to go through the inevitable darkness, we need to arise and shine even in the midst of the dark but many of us are afraid of the dark! Many of us are afraid to arise! We desire the glory of God to be risen upon us but we are reluctant to arise upon Him because we are afraid of the darkness which remains a constant ingredient in the emergence or birthing of a new creation, new order, new beginning!

Why do you think a new born can’t really see when exposed to the light? It’s always dark in the womb!

Darkness is not be feared but to be conquered!

Arise and shine! Arise for truth! Arise and be prepared for the emergence of the new order! KINGDOM!


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