Afolabi Dollars | About
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About Afolabi Dollars

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AFOLABI DOLLARS, also known as “TheVOICE” is a multi-talented young man with multiplicity of ideas; conceptually innovative. An international PROFESSIONAL PUBLIC SPEAKER. He is the CEO of PRAGMATOS EMPIRES Company and FOTERIO enterprises; majorly into Oil and Gas, and Brand development. He has facilitated seminars and workshops at government, churches and corporate levels; a few of these facilitations are the seminars on skill acquisition and entrepreneurship, brand management, etc.

He was given an International Youth Leadership Stakeholders Forum Award in 2007 for active participation in the building of youth volunteering skills.

He is also a devout believer in CHRIST with an APOSTOLIC calling, addicted to God’s kingdom and fears no man. He has been practically into kingdom ministry since 1995 as an itinerary minister ever since he was instructed by God to go into nations unto KINGDOM ADVANCEMENT. He is the leader of the WORDITES NETWORK, a NON DENOMINATIONAL network of believers who have unbiased passion for the truth of God’s kingdom.

He is an author, blogger, and an active member of various impact groups and foundation committed to charity and human development.


According as it is WRITTEN of me in the volume of the books in the archives of eternity, rolling into time and time back into eternity. According to the Judicial and executive decisions of IMMORTALITY; I’m going into nations of the continents of the earth to declare God’s word of truth with power, RAISING MILITANT KINGDOM SOLDIERS, preparing them for the End time REVOLUTIONAL BATTLE and building the body of Christ through INSTRUCTIVE CORRECTION in Righteousness UNTIL TRUE REFORMATION is birthed!

Behold! An extremely dangerous ministry!



Restoring the fires of TRUE REVIVAL in this end time, and connecting with other KINGDOM minded soldiers across the world to light the torch of REFORMATION, by leading an extremely dangerous kingdom militant force, ever ready to fight the end time battle even with the last drop of our blood!