Afolabi Dollars | Human Development
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Human development is mostly about improving the lives of the people especially through feeding, educational and health provisions thereby giving them the opportunity to decide; what they want to do, how they want to live, where they desire to go, and who they want to be in life.


Afolabi Dollars, and in partnership and collaboration with other impact groups engage significantly in the process of enlarging people’s opportunities and improving their lives, especially by observing the four principles of human development which are:

  •  SOCIAL* development.
  • COGNITIVE* development.
  • EMOTIONAL* development
  • PHYSICAL* development.


We faithfully ensure the contribution of our own quota towards humanity through donations and free services towards the development of the people:

  • Free training, seminars and workshops in various churches and schools on skill acquisition and entrepreneurship since 2006.
  • Donations of foods and drugs to the poor, the less privilege and Cheshire homes since 2008.
  • Free training and orientations for Corp members in their orientation camps and in all 774 local governments across Nigeria on skill acquisition and entrepreneurship 2004/5.
  • Donation of books and free materials on SMEs to churches and government agency.


A few of the groups/foundations that we are in collaboration are:

  • Project Peculiar (
  • Grace&Comfort foundation
  • Friendship for Christ foundation