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When brands are created and captured, it becomes incumbent on us to practically ensure the SUSTAINABILITY of these brands by juxtaposing the economic platform with our strategies


There’s a distinction between a CHRISTIAN’S  BUSINESS and a BUSINESS CHRISTIAN; while the CHRISTIAN’S BUSINESS is simply the general commission given to every Christian to preach the KINGDOM GOSPEL, the BUSINESS CHRISTIAN is a committed, devoted and dedicated child of God’s kingdom engaging in the act of buying and selling goods or services in this crooked and perverted world, using God’s KINGDOM STANDARDS against the corrupt business practices of the world system!


The major similitude of focus between the Christian’s Business and the Business Christian is no other thing but KINGDOM!

In the world of business and finance today, the standards for good balance of trade, business engagements, and economic transactions have time been thwarted or distorted by exploitations, corruption, lack of integrity, prejudices, nepotism, undue desperation, materialistic paroxysms, moral degeneration, etc.

All these distortions are the culture, method, pattern and spirit of “Babylon”(the way of rebellion and confusion) which are consciously and subconsciously accepted as the general system of trade or business transactions across the world.

However, the Business Christian is supposed to avoid having a KLEPTOCRATIC BUSINESS PSYCHOLOGY running his/her business not according to corrupt practices of the world’s system but must imbibe and exude the KINGDOM BUSINESS PSYCHOLOGY running his/her business according to God’s kingdom pattern and winning in the market place through being RIGHT and doing the right thing!

In order to sustain relevance in the economic platform, the Business Christian need to create and capture VALUE and turning it into a sustainable BRAND before the target audience!

The link below is where I have my articles on BRAND BUILDING and BRAND MAINTENANCE culled from my book “23 KINGDOM LAWS OF BRANDING”

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